“Known as the bike fairy...”

"I had it all under control, except for the cycle training. That’s when you roll out the Big Guns and call in the experts......! (You are known as the Bike Fairy already by the way!)" I had a few trepidations about leaving her for the hour however you definitely have that rare knack of communicating with little people!

— Caroline B.


“Well structured course.”

After my initial concern of how your team would handle all those rowdy kids, I would highly recommend this cycling course. It is a well structured course and my daughter came through the teaching with more information than I had imagined. She's currently teaching me how to do an M-check.  Thank-you to your team.”

— Simon E.

Serena has been making excellent progress on her bike and after your one lesson in April got started straight away and hasn't looked back! So thank you!"

— Antonia S.

“Son's training.”

Seeing a very proud Victor pedal around in the common already at his second lesson was really heartwarming! After finishing his five lessons he now knows not only how to ride his bike but more importantly how to ride it safely.

— Alexandra M.

“Excellent Teaching.”

Many thanks again for excellent teaching - it was so rewarding to see Annabel gaining confidence and a real sense of personal achievement. She has continued to enjoy her cycling this week and your structured approach will ensure she does not learn too many bad habits when under my instruction alone!

— John W.

“Total confidence.”

“Thank-you Popcycle. I am so impressed by the efforts that went into finding my son the right course, and group to join. He is showing off his new one-handed bike skills with total confidence, and we've signed him up to your bike club for more cycling development and adventures” 

— Leanne R.

“Freedom for all!”

“ After completing a complete beginner course, my kids have found a new sense of freedom in the common. We ride almost every weekend now with ease and assurance that they know the ropes. Freedom for all!”

— Jenny A.


Take pride in the way you ride!