Dates & Times

See our locations page and decide which location is best for you. From there you can contact us and arrange your Private Group dates and times by email correspondence.

Would you like to participate in a group with people that you know? Then a 'Private' group course is for you!

The ‘Private’ group course is made up of four or more (4+) children, making it an ideal option for parents who wish to enrol siblings and/or some of your mates into the same group.


  • Bring your own equipment or Rent equipment from us (at an additional charge)

  • Popcycle locations only

  • 4+ Trainees minimum (client required to meet the minimum participants before purchasing)

  • £175 per child, per course

  • x5 Separate sessions allocated on different dates and times  (up to 1-hour each) to be organised by client and Popcycle

No need to ponder or wait, book them on their cycling date(s)!