Course Types

Our courses are designed for a range of trainees. Whether they are fresh off stabilisers (training wheels), a balance-bike or are needing help navigating a tricky element of cycling, our courses offer types of teaching that provide professional hands on instructions using a proven incremental teaching format; resulting in added confidence for your child in each and every session.


Do you want to motivate your child to learn to cycle? Then a group course is a solution for you!

The ‘Group’ course is designed for trainees that enjoy making new friends while learning a new skill.


  • Bring your own equipment

  • Popcycle locations only

  • Up to x8 trainees max. Age 4 years +

  • £150 per child, cost per course

  • x5 Separate sessions allocated on pre-set Popcycle calendar dates and times  (up to 1-hour each)

Bring your friends or make some mates, book a group for cheaper rates!