Course Types

Our courses are designed for a range of trainees. Whether they are fresh off stabilisers (training wheels), a balance-bike or are needing help navigating a tricky element of cycling, our courses offer types of teaching that provide professional hands on instructions using a proven incremental teaching format; resulting in added confidence for your child in each and every session.



Dates & Times

See our locations page and decide which location is best for you. From there you can contact us and arrange your Private Group dates and times by email correspondence.

Do you want to choose your own dates for training and receive one-to-one coaching? Then an ‘Exclusive’ course is ideal for you!

The ‘Exclusive’ course is an ideal option for parents who want one-to-one/solo coaching for their children.


  • x1 Trainee (Solo)

  • £200 per child, per course

  • x5 Separate sessions allocated on different dates and times  (up to 1-hour each) to be organised by client and Popcycle

  • Bring your own equipment or Rent equipment from us (at an additional charge)

  • Popcycle location or Request your own private location (additional charge)

* This optional currently has a waiting list and suggest booking into one of our excellent Group courses