WHAT With a hectic school week that is jam packed with planned activities,  this exclusive cycling group is an opportunity for your children to unwind. The Popcycle Bike Club is a creative selection of kids cycle journeys (instructor led) in London, and surrounds. Our team takes troupes of wonder-wall explorers to experience new places of interest, make new friends, share quality time, and ultimately create lasting memories. The journeys are playful, yet contemplative and our teaching is informative not mandatory giving your kids a bit of space to take life in their stride (or ride in this case!). 

We cleverly navigate our way through, and to London's beautiful parks/commons in addition to a shortlist of established destinations in the city's surrounds. These field trips are a chance to slip away for an option of one, two, or three hours, and enjoy the act of cycling whilst building skills and confidence. 

JOIN Purchase your annual membership today and get a total of 72 optional hours of after school Bike Club sessions from the months of April - October, offering you the flexibility to choose as many events as you like throughout the year. Alternatively we run a summer activity club from July - August offering a holiday programme which hosts an array of different activities for your child to enjoy having completed the school year.

DATES We will generate a unique code after you buy the membership which allows you to choose the dates you wish to attend our bike club sessions. There are a total of 36 sessions that take place after school, lasting 2 hours each. With your unique membership code there is no need to book them all at once giving to the headspace to book them on an ad hoc basis.

SUMMER BIKE CLUB  Why not opt for our Summer Bike Club during July - August?